One Tooth, dentists for children and adults near Athens

One tooth, dental practice near Athens
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One Tooth, dentists for children and adults near Athens
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One Tooth
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Job / Profession : Dentist
Address : Kifisia and Palini
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Looking for a family dental practice with a caring dentist in Athens? A dentist who will take care of your teeth, and where you and your children won’t go backwards? Look no further than One Tooth!

The man behind One Tooth is Socrate Mitakos, a dentist of Greek origin who studied in France. He opens a children’s dental practice (Dentakid) in Pallini, north of Athens. A practice with an innovative concept: welcoming children in a pleasant environment and making sure they can’t wait to come back for the next appointment… No, you’re not dreaming – we’re talking about a dental practice! Is Socrates a magician? Well, yes, in a way… In fact, everything has been designed to make a visit to the dentist a positive, pain-free experience. Children new to the practice are usually treated to a magic trick to build their confidence. During the appointment, they can watch a cartoon, and at the end of the appointment, they even get a little surprise! A concept that quickly became a huge success.

And so a second practice opened in Kifisia, a super children’s dental practice, this time with a slide in the waiting room! But that was without counting on the parents, who were also keen to have a “pleasant” time at the dentist’s, and asked to be treated in this benevolent place. A 3rd specialist practice for adults was therefore opened in Kifisia, in a cozy apartment directly opposite the children’s dental practice.

And that’s how Dentakid became One Tooth (or ONE TOOΘ with the Greek letter Θ), a pediatric and family dental clinic.

One Tooth: 3 dental practices

One Tooth has 3 practices in 2 areas, Pallini and Kifisia in the northern suburbs of Athens: One Tooth pediatric dental clinic (exclusively for children) and One Tooth Family dental clinic (for older children and adults).

One Tooth practices guarantee high-quality dental care, provided by passionate, qualified professionals (dentists and orthodontists). The doctors also have access to high-performance equipment and technology.

So don’t wait any longer to book your next dental appointment! Socrate Mitakos, the other dentists and the reception staff speak English.

Take a look at the short video presentation on the home page of the One Tooth website to get your own idea.

Pediatric Dental Clinic – Children’s dental practice in Kifissia

9A Tatoïou Street (near Kifissia metro station), 14561 Kifissia

Phone: + 30 210 623 0737 / Email:


Family Dental Clinic – Adult dental practice in Kifissia

4 Tatoïou Street (near the Kifissia metro station), 14561 Kifissia

Phone: +30 210 623 6973 / Email:


Pediatric & Family Dental Clinic – Dental practice for children and adults in Pallini

31 Marathonos Street, 15351 Pallini

Phone: +30 210 603 2825 / Email: