Acropolis of Athens, a must-see in the greek capital

Practical tips for visiting the Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens

The Acropolis of Athens is undoubtedly the most visited site in Greece. This is one of the [...]
The Acropolis Museum in Athens: a must-see!

The Acropolis Museum: a must-see on any visit to Athens

Acropolis Museum, a must see in [...]

The Cycladic Art Museum of Athens: Grace and Elegance

If you are one of those who are a little bewildered in front of the string of display cases [...]

Monastiraki, Athens' must-see square

If you’re visiting Athens, you’re bound to pass through Monastiraki Square. The lungs [...]

Metaxourgeio: a trendy and alternative neighborhood in Athens

The metro Metaxourgeio (Metaxourghio or Metaxourgio) is just one station away fromOmonia, so this [...]

The ancient or antique Agora in Athens

Athens’ ancient Agora or antique Agora, where democracy was born and flourished, lies [...]

Visit Athens: the Evzones, one of the emblems of the Greek capital

Those who think that the skirt is not a masculine apparel, come and admire the irresistible Evzones [...]

Visit Athens and discover the Roman agora

If you stroll through the Monastiraki district or the narrow streets of Plaka, you’re sure to [...]
Keramikos ou le quartier de la céramique à Athènes

Keramikos: a cemetery but also the entrance to the ancient city of Athens

On paper, Keramikos is the archeological site of an ancient cemetery… at first sight not very [...]

Athens: the best hotels near the Acropolis

The Acropolis district offers numerous advantages for visiting Athens: it’s centrally [...]

Visit the Byzantine Museum in Athens

Thanks to its rich history, Athens is blessed with some exceptional museums. These are superb [...]

The Benaki Museum: illustrated history of Greece

The Benaki Museum is located on Vassilis Sofias Avenue, in a beautiful mansion belonging to the [...]

Discover the different districts of Athens: from the most famous like Plaka to the less touristy and off the beaten track, with our favourite addresses each time