Greek Vasilopita recipe

Vassilopita (or vasilopita) is the cake(pita) of Agios Vassilis(Saint Basil), whose feast day is [...]

Christmas culinary traditions in Greece

Long before our modern Christmas, which is nearly identical worldwide, long before the man in red [...]

Ouzo: the must-have Greek summer drink

He who has not sipped a glass of ouzo on the rocksAnyone who hasn’t caught himself dreaming [...]

Dried vegetables in Greek cuisine

The “poor man’s dish” has become a nutritional “must”! If you ask the [...]
Cretan food

What to eat in Crete: the Cretan cuisine secret of longevity...

The Crete is the largest Greek island. Geographically distant from the continent, it has been [...]
Easter in Dodecanese

Easter in the Dodecanese islands: an original and surprising cuisine

The islands of the Dodecanese. They are called ” the twelve islands “(dodeca = twelve [...]

Pomegranates in Greece, from myth to plate

The pomegranate in Greece”το ρόδι” (“to rodi” in Greek) is a fruit [...]

Christmas in Greece and New Year traditions

Greece is a festive country with many traditions. To better understand them, we’d like to [...]

The recipe for Kourabiedes

Kourabiedes are delicious almond cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are traditionally made [...]

The Cretan diet, the secret of good health

Crete, the largest Greek island, is known for its rugged mountains, wild canyons, clear beaches, [...]

All Freddo café hits

Sf you want to look like a local, forget about the tarama traces on the corners of your moustache, [...]

Flavors of the Greek summer: a glass of Ouzo, some mezzes and feet in the water...

A small glass of ouzo, a plate of colored mezzes, the blue of the sea in front of the eyes, it is [...]

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