Pulses in Greek cuisine

The “poor man’s dish” has become a nutritional “must”! If you ask the [...]
Cretan food

What to eat in Crete: the Cretan cuisine secret of longevity...

The Crete is the largest Greek island. Geographically distant from the continent, it has been [...]

The Cretan diet, the secret of good health

Crete, the largest Greek island, is known for its rugged mountains, wild canyons, clear beaches, [...]

All Freddo café hits

Sf you want to look like a local, forget about the tarama traces on the corners of your moustache, [...]

Flavors of the Greek summer: a glass of Ouzo, some mezzes and feet in the water...

A small glass of ouzo, a plate of colored mezzes, the blue of the sea in front of the eyes, it is [...]

Prespes, a region of lakes and traditions

To discover another Greece, it is necessary to move away from the seaside, to take the roads of the [...]

La Fava: a yellow lentil puree with olive oil

Fava is both the name of the lentil (or split pea to be precise), this legume with a bright yellow [...]

Epirus cuisine: the recipe for giant beans with spinach and feta cheese

The recipe for giant beans with spinach and feta cheese is typical of the Epirus region. [...]

Eating healthy and balanced in Greece is possible!

Is it really possible to eat a healthy and balanced diet in Greece? Elena K. knows the subject [...]

Bean soup or fasolada: THE Greek national dish

Fasolada is often considered by the Greeks themselves as THE Greek national dish. Indeed, the [...]

The recipe for Dakos (Cretan bread)

Dakos (or Ntakos) is a simple toast that has been for centuries the snack or lunch of Greek [...]

The virtues of putty, a product that... delights, perfumes, refreshes, heals!

The virtues of mastic(mastiha in Greek), this natural gum that comes from the island of Chios, are [...]

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