Greek Vasilopita recipe

Vassilopita (or vasilopita) is the cake(pita) of Agios Vassilis(Saint Basil), whose feast day is [...]

The recipe for Kourabiedes

Kourabiedes are delicious almond cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are traditionally made [...]

Feta: a slice of Greece

Feta of Greece is indisputably “the” Greek cheese. Its name immediately brings to mind [...]

La Fava: a yellow lentil puree with olive oil

Fava is both the name of the lentil (or split pea to be precise), this legume with a bright yellow [...]

The Mani and its cuisine: a land of authenticity and contrasts

By the name Magne, one indicates the whole peninsula which forms the central “finger” [...]

The Chantzios brothers' moussaka recipe

Ah the moussaka! A real delight. It’s a dish found in many countries around the Mediterranean [...]
Recipe Metsovo chylopittes

The recipe for Metsovo chylopittes

Metsovo is a town located in a mountainous region of Greece, between Thessaly and Epirus. Livestock [...]

Epirus cuisine: the recipe for giant beans with spinach and feta cheese

The recipe for giant beans with spinach and feta cheese is typical of the Epirus region. [...]

Bean soup or fasolada: THE Greek national dish

Fasolada is often considered by the Greeks themselves as THE Greek national dish. Indeed, the [...]
Sofrito Corfou easter

Corfu Sofrito : A traditional Greek recipe:

Corfu is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Although it’s very touristy, [...]

Mani's recipe: potato salad with orange

Evi offers you a recipe from the Mani: a potato salad with orange. The Mani is a region that covers [...]
Cretan Dakos drizzled with olive oil

The recipe for Dakos (Cretan bread)

Dakos (or Ntakos) is a simple toast that has been for centuries the snack or lunch of Greek [...]

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