Our top 10 museums in Athens

Are you looking for the top museums not to miss in Athens? We’ve put together a small [...]

The Acropolis Museum: a must-see on any visit to Athens

Acropolis Museum, a must see in [...]

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens: simply exceptional!

The National Archaeological Museum is undoubtedly one of the finest museums in Athens. Above all, [...]

The Cycladic Art Museum of Athens: Grace and Elegance

If you are one of those who are a little bewildered in front of the string of display cases [...]

The Goulandris Foundation: Museum of modern and contemporary art in Athens

The Greek capital is a city constantly on the move, dynamic, lively and open to the arts. The proof [...]

The ancient or antique Agora in Athens

Athens’ ancient Agora or antique Agora, where democracy was born and flourished, lies [...]

Stadium of the Panathenes or Marble Stadium

This famous stadium of the Panathenes is known by several names: the stadium of the Panathenaeus or [...]

The Temple of Zeus in Athens or Olympiaion

A large esplanade between Avenues Amalias, Olgas and Callirhoè features 15 huge Corinthian [...]

Visit Athens and discover the Roman agora

If you stroll through the Monastiraki district or the narrow streets of Plaka, you’re sure to [...]

Keramikos: a cemetery but also the entrance to the ancient city of Athens

On paper, Keramikos is the archeological site of an ancient cemetery… at first sight not very [...]

Visit the Byzantine Museum in Athens

Thanks to its rich history, Athens is blessed with some exceptional museums. These are superb [...]

The Benaki Museum: illustrated history of Greece

The Benaki Museum is located on Vassilis Sofias Avenue, in a beautiful mansion belonging to the [...]

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