Vigla-Pisoderi, a family ski resort in northern Greece

The ski resort of Vigla Pisoderi is a family-friendly ski resort, quite large for Greece. It is [...]
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What to do in the Zagories in Epirus?

In the North of Greece, there is a region unknown to most tourists. This is Epirus. It includes a [...]

What to do in Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) in Northern Greece?

Chalkidiki, or Halkidiki, is a region of northern Greece located southeast of Thessaloniki. Little [...]

Greece off the beaten track: Pelion, between sea and mountains

We invite you to discover the superb Pelion region of mainland Greece. With its wild landscapes [...]

Pelion, its villages and hikes

In the mountains of Pelion, between sky and land and facing the sea , nature overwhelms us on all [...]

Northern Greece : visit the site of Vergina (Aigai)

Northern Greece has an exceptional site: Vergina (Aigai or Aigeai) where we see the monumental [...]

The monasteries of Meteora: a must-see in mainland Greece

No matter how many photos you’ve seen, or how many times you’ve heard your friends [...]
Metsovo mountain Greece

Metsovo, a Greek mountain town where craftsmanship is king

You have to imagine the difficult times of yesteryear. To cross the Pindus, this steep mountain, [...]

Skiing in Greece: the Kaimaktsalan and Agios Athanasios resorts

People associate Greece with the sea, and that’s absolutely right. But what we forget are the [...]

Practical information for visiting Meteora

In the previous articleprevious article about the Meteora site and its incredible monasteries. [...]

Prespes, a region of lakes and traditions

To discover another Greece, it is necessary to move away from the seaside, to take the roads of the [...]

The best winter destinations in Greece

It’s true, Greece is best known as a summer destination. However, if you come to Greece in [...]

Northern Greece is little known and yet beautiful. We reveal you the most beautiful destinations in Northern Greece! Follow the guide, you will be amazed!