Ile de Lemnos, paysages de l'île de l'Egée du Nord en Grèce

Limnos: 16 must-sees!

The Greek island of Lemnos, also known as Limnos, is full of secrets waiting to be discovered. [...]
Pythagorio and its blue street, Livadaki Beach, white church with blue dome, Kokkari

Visit Samos: Travel guide

If you’re looking for a green island in Greece, an island preserved from mass tourism, with [...]
blue sea, blue sky and blue-and-white church at Gialiskari on the island of Ikaria in Greece

Visit Ikaria: Travel guide

Ikaria is a large island in Greece’s Northern Aegean. With its 255 km2, it takes several days [...]
Painting on cobblestones and clay pots on a street in Ikaria

Visit Ikaria:10 things to see and do

Ikaria, or Nikaria (Nicaria) in Greek, is an island in the eastern Aegean Sea between Samos and [...]
map of Lesbos cities

Best things to see and do in Lesvos

Lesvos (also called Lesbos, or Mytilene) is an island just off the Turkish coast. Lesbos is a large [...]

Chios : How to get there ? Where to stay? What to do?

Are you planning a vacation in Chios, Greece, and wondering how to get there? Where to stay? What [...]

Thasos, the emerald island in practice

Thasos is the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea, opposite the small town of Kavala and two [...]

Visit the island of Thassos: beaches, hiking, villages...

Thassos also known as the Emerald Island is a Greek island located in the northern Aegean Sea. [...]
Lesvos, Mytilene, vacations, cooking, Greece

Lesvos, a food tradition between land and sea

Lesvos or Lesbos (also known as Mytilene) is a large, beautiful, rich island. Sometimes facing the [...]

Chios, the island of perfumes and flavors

Arriving in Chios by boat, one sees at first a dry and rocky land. Then we land in a city full of [...]

The Chios putty: a Greek tear, natural and unique

The mastic – or mastiha in Greek – was born on the island of Chios. He has traveled the [...]