The Acropolis Museum: a must-see on any visit to Athens

Acropolis Museum, a must see in Athens

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens: simply exceptional!

The National Archaeological Museum is undoubtedly one of the finest museums in Athens. Above all, don’t let the size (8,000m²) or the name of the museum fool you. The word […]

The Cycladic Art Museum of Athens: Grace and Elegance

If you are one of those who are a little bewildered in front of the string of display cases containing vases, jewels and antique statuettes… then the Cycladic Art Museum […]

All about the Athens City Pass with the Acropolis

When traveling, every moment counts. When you’re visiting a city, you don’t want to waste time queuing in museums, monuments or public transport. So, to make the most of your […]

Visit the Byzantine Museum in Athens

Thanks to its rich history, Athens is blessed with some exceptional museums. These are superb showcases for Greek civilization. Both a museum of art and a museum of civilization, the […]

Visiting Athens: the must-sees

The advantage of living in Greece is that friends and family are happy to visit Athens. Also, from April to October, the house is always full. When people come for […]

The must-see in Athens: the sites and monuments that are a must-see during your stay in the Greek capital, our best-of Athens