Our history

The story of Vivre Athènes… Originally, behind this website, two French expatriates in Greece: Laure and Sophie. A meeting and the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Hours of chatting, miles of wandering around Athens, weekends in the islands, evenings in the little taverns of Athens… Little by little and quite naturally, the idea came to us to share Greece as we like it : our favorites, our favorite addresses, our practical advice. That’s how we created VivreAthènes.com in the spring of 2017.

And how far we have come in just a few years! Our site has not stopped growing. First time visitors , newcomers to Athens, tourists passing through, lovers of Greece… you are always more numerous to follow us. THANK YOU!

Today, we have passed the baton. At the beginning of VivreAthènes.com, we quickly collaborated with Céline. Faithful to the values of the site, French living in Greece for a long time, she now manages the site surrounded by a team of French and Greek editors.

This site is deliberately subjective: we only share what we like. We have of course visited and tested all the addresses we talk about. Every day, the Vivre Athènes website is filled with good plans, practical information and advice that will please both French speakers living in Greece and travelers passing through.

Sharing means talking and writing, but it also means going to meet the local professionals that we appreciate, going along the lesser known paths, evoking the timelessness of Athens… So, beyond the articles that will give you all the practical and cultural information to travel in Greece, we have also selected our favorite guides to show you around Athens and its region. We carry ethical and local values to highlight the guides that we personally appreciate and we present them to you here.

And as we wanted to respond to the demands of our readers, we gradually developed solutions for all budgets and tastes. You will find on our e-shop eBooks written with energy and passion (Athens and its Acropolis, Delphi, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, Cape Sounion), audio-guided tours on smartphone and even treasure hunts for children.

Finally, because we are both great lovers of Greek gastronomy, we have written a book of Greek recipes in collaboration with our friend Evi : “Evi’s cooking”. Our favorite recipes, authentic Greek and easy to make so that you can find all the flavors of Greece from home.

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