Krinos: the best Loukoumades in Athens

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Krinos is THE gourmet break, close to the market to taste loukoumades. If you are in diet mode, pass your way. For the others, the real gourmands, those who are not afraid of sugar and fat, then go for it…

You will taste delicious doughnuts, called Loukoumades at Krinos. Located in Aiolou street, behind the central market, this historical address is an institution. Krinos has been making doughnuts for almost 100 years.

Sophie BYE

A rustic decor

On the outside, you can’t miss the large white columns that frame the entrance to the store, nor the life-size mannequin that presents a plate of donuts to passers-by.

Inside, don’t get attached to the decor. It reminds us of the canteens of the 80s. All the elements are there: the brown plastic tray, the stainless steel kitchen, the rail to slide the tray and the slightly tired tile.

Delicious donuts at Krinos

On the other hand, the kitchen is perfect. The loukoumades are made on demand: just out of the oil bath they are placed on a plate. There are several options to accompany them, but we simply recommend the basic formula at 3.3 euros for 6 doughnuts topped with a honey-based syrup and a little cinnamon.

That’s all there is to it, just enjoy. The loukoumades are airy, crisp just right. And the syrup flows deliciously in the gullet when you swallow them.

It is better to be two to taste them because the 6 doughnuts may stay on your stomach and involuntarily prolong your gourmet break.

Krinos is not only about the « loukoumades »…

Finally, you can accompany your gourmet break with a coffee or cappuccino. Krinos also has a nice selection of ice creams available outside, and puff pastries that are just as appetizing as the doughnuts.

Sophie B.

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