Visit Macedonia in Northern Greece

Our 10 destinations to discover in Macedonia in Northern Greece for an unforgettable trip!

Would you like to explore a more continental Greece, away from the crowded beaches? Visit Macedonia [...]
Mikri Prespa or Little Prespa Lake in Macedonia, Greece

Prespa Lakes in Greece: Small and Large Prespa Lake

If you visit northern Greece, don’t miss the Prespes Lakes, 2 lakes (Little and Big Prespa) [...]

Where to sleep on Sifnos?

Looking for accommodation on the island of Sifnos? This charming little island in the Cyclades is [...]

Vigla-Pisoderi, a family ski resort in northern Greece

The ski resort of Vigla Pisoderi is a family-friendly ski resort, quite large for Greece. It is [...]

10 best things to do in Samos, Greece

Samos is a large Greek island in the North Aegean Sea with an area of 476 km 2. It is located [...]
Ile de Karpathos

The island of Karpathos | a Greek jewel not to be missed

Discover the island of Karpathos, a seaside and mountain destination for unforgettable vacations! [...]

Skiathos where to stay?

Skiathos is a charming Greek island in the Sporades archipelago, along with neighboring Skopelos, [...]

Kalymnos: the island of sponges, a climber's paradise

Kalymnos, an island in the Dodecanese archipelago in the Aegean Sea, is famous for its traditional [...]
Spots de plongée en Grèce

5 Diving Spots and Underwater Archaeological Sites in Greece

5 incredible diving spots in Greece Greece, this multi-faceted country, is brimming with treasures [...]
mont Olympe

Mount Olympus: hiking and discoveries

Greece is renowned for its rich history, magnificent beaches and picturesque islands. But did you [...]

Dried vegetables in Greek cuisine

The “poor man’s dish” has become a nutritional “must”! If you ask the [...]
Ville de Kalamata et vue du château en arrière plan

Visit Kalamata in Messinia

When we hear about Kalamata, we think of its olives, purple, fleshy and acidulous. Did you know [...]