Where to run in Athens? Our 7 best running spots!

Courir à Athènes
Courir à Athènes

Think the Greek capital isn’t the ideal place for a jog? This would be to overlook the city’s natural beauty spots… and to forget that the marathon was born in Greece! So, where can you run in and around Athens without risking sunstroke? Put on your sneakers and we’ll take you on a quick trip to our 7 best running spots. Ready, set, go!

Running around the Acropolis in Athens

Would you like to get in shape for one of the many trails, marathons and half-marathons organized in Greece? Start with the most accessible and spectacular running route: the tour of the Athens Acropolis!

This splendid route forms a 2.6 km loop and is not difficult. But the charm of the Acropolis hill is that you can easily get off the beaten track and climb a few steps or take a detour into a more wooded area.

The trail is very popular with walkers, so it’s best to get there in the morning. Avoid hot weather and don ‘t forget your water bottle: you won’t regret it!

Tour the Panathenaic Stadium

Want to run in the footsteps of the greatest Olympic athletes? The Panathenaic Stadium awaits you! This site of the first modern Olympic Games, this marble stadium offers some of the most admirable views of Athens.

The rear entrance from Archimidous Street is almost always open. As long as you stay off the pitch, you can train for as long as you like!

Here again, mornings are best to avoid the crowds of visitors. Strides with a view of the Acropolis and Lycabette Hill!

Where to start your race?

We recommend you use the entrance to 16 Archimidous, Pangrati.

Running in Athens at the Panathenaic Stadium
Running in Athens at the Panathenaic Stadium – Image Unsplash

Jogging on Philopappou Hill

If New York joggers have Central Park, Greek runners have Philopappou Hill! This idyllic spot is undoubtedly one of the best running spots in Athens. You’ll be able to soar through a magnificent, wooded natural setting, while admiring the magical apparition of the Parthenon between the pine trees.

There are plenty of running routes to choose from. Between the Dionysiou Areopagitou promenade, the Dimitris Pikionis trail and the observatory path, you can work on your stride without getting bored. Please note: don’t forget to bring plenty of water – you won’t find any on site!

Where to start your race?

We recommend starting from the end of Dionysiou Areopagitou.

Work on your stamina at the National Garden in Athens

Do you live in central Athens and want easy access to your running area? Your best option is undoubtedly the National Garden, near Syntagma and Kolonaki.

This sumptuous garden has many well-marked paths at every entrance. The decor is remarkable: ancient trees, Greek columns, a beautiful Roman mosaic and even a space for animals. And to stretch out at the end of your session, you’ll have access to vast lawns!

Where to start your race?

We recommend starting from Irodou Attikou 5-11.

Map of the National Garden of Athens
Plan of the National Garden of Athens © Virginie W.

Sprint to Nea Smyrni Park

Prefer to train far from the center of Athens? The beautiful park of Nea Smyrni is sure to enchant you! This 20-hectare wooded area is a haven for joggers… and birds too!

After a sprint, you can cool off at the fountain or on the terrace of a charming café. And why not take in a show in the park’s open-air theater?

Where to start your race?

Nea Smyrni Park can be reached by tramway T4 and T5 from Syntagma Square.

Marathon training at Alsos Syngrou Park

Training for the Athens Marathon? We’ve found the perfect playground for you: the Alsos Syngrou park!

Located in the direction of Kifissia, this large, little-frequented park has a major advantage: its complete lap is 4.2 km long, or a 10ᵉ of the classic marathon route. It couldn’t be simpler to work on your stopwatch endurance!

In addition to this practical aspect, Alsos Syngrou Park offers a wonderful setting to continue your afternoon with a moment of relaxation. Here you’ll find a small theater, a vineyard and a stunning Gothic Orthodox church. And of course, if your energy is inexhaustible, there are plenty of sports fields!

Where to start your race?

We recommend starting from Leoforos Kifissias, opposite the KAT hospital. Free on-site parking!

Trail training on the Laimos peninsula at Vouliagmenis

Have you heard of Ladies Run? This is the first women-only competition in Greece. Held every year in October, it takes in an absolutely magnificent 5 km route: the seafront on the Laimos peninsula at Vouliagmenis.

If you don’t feel ready for a sporting event of this scale (or if you’re a man!), rest assured: it‘s perfectly possible to train on this route all year round.

Simply take the following route:

  1. Set off from Astir beach.
  2. Take Apollonos Street to the end of the peninsula.
  3. Take in the view as you catch your breath.
  4. Retrace your steps on the opposite side of the marina.
  5. Drive along the marina.
  6. Return to the beach.

While you’re here, take a refreshing dip on Astir beach!

Where to start your race?

We advise you to start from Apollonos 40 in Vouliagmeni

You now have everything you need to train for any race or trail, why not try the famous Athens Marathon?Good luck!

Sandra B.

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