Street food in Athens: the new sandwiches

sandwicheries à Athènes - street food

Discover the latest must-try sandwiches in Athens! It’s an alternative to the traditional souvlaki! When Athenians mention the term “sandwich”, they’re not referring to a mediocre option that loses its flavor in a few hours. On the contrary, they allude to tasty creations combining a variety of ingredients with slices of sourdough bread. These simple yet inventive compositions are emerging from new-generation bakeries. They are designed with the same care as at home, by renowned chefs. These delicacies pair harmoniously with quality aperitifs and wines. Explore with us this culinary revolution that’s redefining the sandwich experience in Athens.

In downtown Athens, we try out the new street food sandwiches

Space ham

After visiting an innovative sandwich shop in Copenhagen, Fanurios Dulovi and Andreas Klimkiv opened Space Ham. They use a lot of Greek products, which they enclose in different types of bread. One of the flagship products we tested was the eponymous Space Ham with simmered pork, goji berry mayonnaise, teriyaki, metsovone and pickled cucumber. Prices range from 5 to 10 euros. Not far from the Aiolou pedestrian street, it is located at 22 Miltiadou.

sandwich shop in Athens
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Space Ham: Miltiadou 22, open Tuesday to Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday.


Small store in Athens offering foccacia sandwiches. Their own fresh focaccia is fermented and baked here – they leave it to ripen for a day. The ingredients they use are all Mediterranean, with flavors from Spain, Italy, France and Greece to be found in their fridges. It is located at 3 Athinaidos Street, near Monastiraki. It’s a street that’s changed a lot and deserves a stroll. This is the parallel of the main shopping street: Ermou Street. We particularly recommend the vegetarian sandwich. It’s called “Cyclades” with Tinos louza, Naxos arsenic, artichoke cream and green apple. Prices range from €5 to €9.

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Subbie: Athinaidos 3, open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed Sunday and Monday.

In Exarcheia, Athens’ alternative district

Exarcheia is a surprising part of Athens that’s well worth a visit! When a bar, restaurant or café opens in Exarchia, we’re all eager to discover it! This is where creativity, alternative trends, local products and innovation come together! So, here are two new sandwich shops in this must-visit district of Athens!

Black Salami

It’s undoubtedly the Athenian sandwich that’s been in the news the most lately: the Black Salami. What kind of sandwich it is: 180 grams of cold cuts, black-crusted pecorino cheese, pickled cucumber, pine honey mustard and red cabbage salad, it has many admirers. There’s often a queue, and we could be talking about a new concept: “street brunch”! For my part, it was the home-made breads that impressed me…Black Salami places particular emphasis on sourdough. It features quality raw materials, with flour from a small medieval mill made of Turin stone…yum yum!

Black Salami: Zoodochou Pigis 71 & Methoni, Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm, Monday closed.

˃ Guide to the Exarchia district of Athens

Lontza tis geitonias (lontza: women’s afternoon meeting place)

Well, without too much prevarication, it’s our favorite….Why? Firstly, for the concept: fast food inspired by the dishes our grandmothers used to prepare for us in ten minutes with the ingredients they had on hand. And that’s fast food, not junk food! Delights include Komotini noodles with Messinian feta, fresh Roumeli butter and organic bukovo, as well as meatballs with Trikala minced beef and organic oregano, served with freshly cut fried potatoes and fresh tomato sauce. These are dishes like “Proust’s madeleine” à la grecque. So if you’d like to try a quick version of Greek grandmother’s dishes, don’t hesitate!

Lontza tis geitonias: Charilaou Trikoupi 76 and Eressou, a stone’s throw from the Arachovi bus stop. Ten minutes from the University, Metro Omonia and five minutes from Exarcheion Square.

In short, it’s a lovely team of girls, moms who, in their own way, pass on much more than just small dishes…and the Vivre Athènes team, a team of chicks too, loved the simplicity but above all the authenticity of Lontza tis geitonias.

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