Lindos in Rhodes | a hidden treasure to discover

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Discover the village of Lindos on Rhodes, a little Greek gem for your next vacation!

Are you planning your next trip to Rhodes and looking for must-see places to visit? Nestled on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea in the Dodecanese archipelago, Lindos is a treasure not to be missed. This little corner of paradise offers a blend of ancient history, tourist attractions, authentic ambience and spectacular beaches. Let’s discover the gentle way of life in the village of Lindos on Rhodes.

The Acropolis of Lindos, a must-see on Rhodes

First and foremost, the village of Lindos is renowned for its rich heritage dating back toantiquity. The imposing Acropolis of Lindos sits atop the hill, bearing witness to this rich history.

It’s a fascinating archaeological site that transports you back in time and offers a superb panorama of the village and the bay. The majestic ruins also bear witness to the importance of the Lindos citadel in antiquity.

The Temple of Athena Lindia, dedicated to the goddess of the same name, is another architectural gem that has stood the test of time. Near the entrance, discover a bas-relief depicting the prow of a ship dating from 280 B.C. This artefact offers a fascinating insight into Rhodes’ maritime exploits, which continued long after the knights had left.

reconstruction of the Acropolis at Lindos Rhodes
Céline P. | 6 : Vaulting under the Propylaea – 9 : Propylaea – 10 : Staircases – 11 : Portico or stoa 12 : Temple of Athena Lindia

Practical tips for visiting the Lindos Acropolis

During the summer months, we advise you to visit us as soon as we open. So you can avoid the heat and the crowds. The site is open daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm during the summer months (April to October). However, during the winter months (November to March), opening hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please check the schedule on the Odysseus Culture website. However, the tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Prices : Normal ticket €12, Reduced ticket €6

We also tried out this 3D audio tour of the Lindos Acropolis, in English. It’s a great way to get a feel for the archaeological site in ancient times. This audio tour is simple and very effective. It’s not always easy to imagine the whole site.

You can climb it on foot (with good shoes and water) or on mule-back (beware, they’re not treated very well – we avoid them!).

But Lindos is more than just its glorious history, it’s also a village of wonderful authenticity and beauty.

How do I get to Lindos from Rhodes?

If you’re staying in Rhodes town, this mini-bus makes it easy to get to the village of Lindos. Another option from Rhodes is a day trip by boat to discover the village of Lindos and the archaeological site, and enjoy a swim at Tsambika beach.

Lindos on Rhodes, a charming little village steeped in history

How can I convey to you the absolute beauty of the village of Lindos on Rhodes? Through a thousand photos captured during our trips to this magnificent village.

village of Lindos on Rhodes, village of white houses, acropolis
Canva Pro – Céline P.

The village’s narrow, winding streets are a real delight for visitors. Take a stroll through these charming alleyways. Let yourself be seduced bytraditional architecture, elaborate wooden balconies and inviting cobbled squares. The whitewashed houses, adorned with bougainvillea and geraniums, create a picturesque, authentic atmosphere.

The Church of the Virgin, a pretty Byzantine church

This historic jewel of this small corner of the world: a Byzantine church steeped in history, the Church of the Virgin (Panagia Lindos) and its museum of religious relics. Inside, particularly well-preserved frescoes dating from 1779 cover the walls, while the floor is paved with small pebbles. You can also admire the iconostasis (a partition decorated with images and icons that separates the nave from the sanctuary) and the bishop’s pulpit, magnificent pieces of carved wood dating from the 17th century.

Good to know: Admission €5, shorts and Bermuda shorts forbidden (loincloths are lent at the entrance), and it’s not allowed to photograph inside.

An amazing little museum

And for those interested in local history, the small traditional house-museum of Lindos is well worth a visit. Housed in one of the island’s 3 oldest houses, it looks like any other souvenir store from the outside. But the owner of this traditional house will be delighted to show you around and explain the history of the objects that have belonged to her family since the 18th century. A dive into Greek tradition on Lindos.

Beautiful beaches to try

Lindos is also unique for the natural beauty of its beaches. St. Paul’s beach (Paralia Agios Pavlos), with its crystal-clear water and fine sand, is the ideal place to relax and soak up the sun. This bay offers a postcard landscape known the world over. It’s sure to win you over at dawn. With its small chapel and view of the Lindos Acropolis, it’s also a popular venue for weddings. The history of the beach dates back to antiquity, and is steeped in legends and mythological tales. Some say that Saint Paul himself landed on this beach on his way to the island of Rhodes.

Lindos Beach is another lovely beach.

Getting around, staying and eating in Lindos

First tip: If you’re staying in Rhodes town, take the minibus to the village of Lindos. It’s the best value for an hour’s journey, and can be booked in advance.

Getting around Lindos

There are several ways to get around the island:

  • rent a car for total freedom at lower cost; we recommend parking 3 ;
  • borrow a cab which is relatively inexpensive for short journeys;
  • take the RODO bus, which runs along the coastal road around the island;
  • rent a small boat without a license
  • sail aboard a sailboat or glass-bottomed boat to observe marine creatures, with the family-run company Melani.

What’s more, it’s easy to get to Lindos from Rhodes town thanks to this shuttle service.

We also recommend this one-day boat trip to Lindos which not only allows you to discover the site, but also to swim in the superb beaches.

Accommodation in Lindos

You can rent private accommodation (apartments or vacation homes) or a hotel. Whether in the heart of the village, on the seafront or with a breathtaking view of the sea, on the site Booking the choice is endless!

  • Like Pera Houses, a 2-bedroom house ideally located with a beautiful decoration. Excellent value for money.
  • Villa Dafni, a superb air-conditioned villa less than 500 m from the beach, ideal for 4 people, with car rental and beauty treatments.
  • Lindos Harmony Suites: a perfect option if you’re looking for a magical sea view and a central location with shops and restaurants within easy reach!
  • Or Melenos Art Boutique Hotel in the city center, a luxurious establishment combining tradition and modernity, with a gourmet restaurant, located close to the beach.

For more services andaccess to a swimming pool, choose a hotel on the edge of the village:

  • Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort: Located on a private beach, the resort features a wellness center with state-of-the-art spa, saunas and Jacuzzi, several pools and gourmet restaurants (luxury range, adults only).


Where to eat in Lindos

Numerous bars and restaurants stretch right up to the rooftops, offering outdoor aperitifs and dinners. Enjoy the divinely illuminated night landscape. Here are some of the most famous:

  • Almyra is a fabulous, intimate space on the beach, offering a menu of tasty dishes from starter to dessert;
  • Village Cafe Lindos for a quick bite of basic Greek cuisine, all homemade: feta salad, tzatziki, pita!
  • Christof Modern Mediterranean Cuisine is a gourmet restaurant specializing in seafood, but also renowned for its delicious Moussaka.

Things to do in Lindos!

Finally, here are our top 6 must-do activities during your stay in the village of Lindos on Rhodes:

  1. Visit the Acropolis in the morning to take advantage of the cooler weather;
  2. Stroll through the village and its traditional alleyways and shop in the artisanal boutiques;
  3. Enjoy an afternoon on the beach in Saint-Paul Bay and cool off in the crystal-clear waters;
  4. Visit the chapels and Byzantine church, steeped in history;
  5. Take a boat trip and jump in the water to explore the seabed;
  6. Wait for the sun to set, then hit the bars and restaurants in a relaxed atmosphere to make some unforgettable memories!

And other ideas for things to do from Lindos:

Discover the village of Lindos on Rhodes! Explore the vestiges of antiquity and immerse yourself in an authentic atmosphere and magnificent marine environment. Whether you’re a family, a couple or a group of friends, don’t miss this enchanting village, which is sure to provide you with unforgettable memories!

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